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How do I import my online calendar to my FishingBooker calendar?

    When you connect your Google or Apple online calendars with FishingBooker, our system will automatically scan your availability and block the trips you can’t run. This way, customers will only be able to book trips when you’re available.

    Follow these steps to import a new calendar:

    1. Go to your Calendar 
    2. Select Sync calendars on desktop or click on the three dots and then select Sync calendars on the FishingBooker for Captains app
    3. Click Import calendar 
    4. Copy the URL from your external calendar into the Public calendar address field
    5. Name the calendar you’re importing
    6. Click Import calendar
      • If you have more than one listing, choose which listing(s) this calendar should sync with
    7. Choose when trips should be blocked:
      • To block every trip that overlaps with any part of your external events, choose Another event overlaps with part of the trip
      • To only block trips that fully overlap with your external events, choose Another event overlaps with the full trip
    8. Click Save

    You can remove a synced calendar by clicking the three dots to the right of the calendar name and selecting “Remove”.

    For information on exporting your FishingBooker calendar, read this article.

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