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What is the status of my reservation?

    If you have submitted a Booking Request, the captain will have up to 24 hours to respond, depending on when your trip is scheduled to take place.

    • If your request is accepted, the status will be Confirmed.
    • If your request is rejected, the status will be Declined.

    In the event that you booked your trip via Instant Book, your booking will be automatically accepted, and the status will be marked as Confirmed.

    If you have submitted a Booking Change Request, the captain will have 48 hours to respond. During this period, the booking will be marked as Change pending.

    After you or the captain have canceled the trip, the trip will be marked as Canceled.  

    You can check the current status of your trip under Bookings. This records all your reservations with FishingBooker, depending on whether they're:

    • Awaiting Response or confirmation from the captain
    • Confirmed as an Upcoming Trip
    • No longer active and are a Past Booking 

    Awaiting Response

    Under the Awaiting Response section, you'll find details of any trip you've requested to book with a captain or any confirmed trip that you or the captain have requested changes to. You'll see one of the following statuses:

    • Pending Confirmation. This means your captain has not yet responded to your booking request. Captains have 24 hours to respond to a request before it will be automatically declined. At this point, the funds are reserved and still in your account until the request has been confirmed. If the captain confirms the trip, the funds will be held as the trip deposit. If they don't, the funds will be returned to your account.
    • Change Pending. Either you or the captain have requested to change the booking. Each party has 48 hours to respond to a change booking request before it is automatically declined and the details revert to those of the original booking.

    Upcoming Trips

    Any booking in the Upcoming Trips section has been confirmed and is scheduled to go ahead. At this point, FishingBooker has charged your Credit Card/PayPal for the deposit or full amount if you booked via Online Payments. Here, you'll see the reservation status as Confirmed.


    Past Bookings

    The Past Bookings category is for bookings that are no longer active. These cover:

    • Trips that already took place (in which case, you'll see the status Done or Pending Review).
    • If a trip was canceled or you requested to cancel your booking. You'll see the Canceled or Cancel Requested status, and no further changes can be made to your reservation. The deposit amount has been or will be handled according to the captain's cancellation policy.
    • If the booking request was Declined, no further changes can be made, as the decline has been fully processed. The deposit for your trip has been returned to you.

    Please note that cancellation requests made due to Bad Weather and Mechanical Issues need to be confirmed by the captain before the funds are released.


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