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What do I do if I can't see my booking?

    If you're logged into your FishingBooker account and can't find your booking details under the Bookings tab, one of the following things could have happened:

    There was a mistake in the email address you used when booking your trip.

    1. If you are certain that the email address you used is correct, you will have received an email from us in your Inbox. To be sure, check the Junk/Spam folder as well. If you haven't received one, it's highly likely there is a typo in the email. In that case, contact us, and we will correct it for you.

    The email address you used to book your trip is different from the one you used to log into your FishingBooker account.

    1. If you have multiple email addresses and you're not sure which one you used, try logging into FishingBooker with a different one. You might have used the Login with Facebook/Google/Apple options, and that email address may differ from the one you entered when booking a trip.

    Your email needs to be verified.

    Before accessing your profile details, you'll be required to confirm your email address after creating a profile. You can do so simply by clicking on the Confirm email button in the email you received from FishingBookee.

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