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Can pickup be arranged?

    Each captain is able to set their own pickup policy. FishingBooker allows the following options: 
    • Included in the price – meaning that they will come to your local address and pick you up.
    • Not included in the price – meaning that you will meet the captain at the dock.
    • Agree on pickup upon reservation – meaning pickup may be included in the price, depending on the agreement you reach with the captain upon trip confirmation.
    You can see if pickup is included in the trip price on the charter listing page. To view this information, scroll down to the Policies section.

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    Your captain's pickup policy will also be shown in your confirmation email, as well as on the booking details page once you click on Show policies.

    If you're still looking for your ideal charter, you can also search for listings that have include pickup by using search filters.

     Even though some captains offer pickup, you will have to arrange the details prior to the trip. We advise you to contact the captain upon confirmation of your trip to provide them with details of your location and to ensure that it is within the free pickup range.


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