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Can I keep the catch?

    Each captain sets their own catch policy, depending on local restrictions and their own preference. To see if you are eligible to keep the catch, scroll down to the Policies section and check if You Keep Catch is ticked.


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    The exact amount that you are able to keep may also be specified on the listing. However, that information depends on the location, local laws and regulations, seasonality, and the captain's preferences. You can see this in the form of a note on the listing, when applicable.

    Please bear in mind that most fishing locations have specific catch regulations, so even though the captain might allow you to keep the catch, this may be superseded by local rules regarding daily bag limits and fish species that you're allowed to take home with you.

    Some species are virtually always fished for on an exclusively catch-and-release basis, like Tarpon inshore and Billfish species offshore. 

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