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How do I contact the captain?

    That’s why it's customary to leave a cash

    tip, usually 15–20% of the total trip price.


    In order to contact captains on FishingBooker, you must be logged in to your account. How you can contact them will depend on whether you've booked a trip or not.

    If you have not yet booked a trip, you will only be able to contact the captain through our Instant Messaging service. After a trip is booked, you'll be able to email and call them.

    To call your captain, go to your Booking Confirmation page, and you'll be able to find their number or have the option to call them directly if using a mobile device. 

    If you're looking for information about boat capacity, age limits, and amenities, you should contact the captain via Instant Messaging

    Before You Book a Trip

    If you want to get in touch with the captain before placing a booking in order to find out more about their offer, or have questions about the charter, you can get in touch with them by scrolling down to the bottom of the charter listing page and clicking the Message Captain button. 

    This will open the Contact Captain form, where you can enter your query and click Send Message button to send your message.

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    If You Have a Confirmed Trip

    If you have a confirmed reservation, you can contact the captain through your FishingBooker Inbox, by email, or by phone.

    You can find the captain's phone number and an email contact button in your message thread. You can also find these contact details by going to My Bookings and clicking Manage Booking.

    In the event that your captain is not responding, please contact us

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    After Your Trip Has Taken Place

    After your trip, you can still contact the captain through Instant Messaging for any follow-up questions you might have. If you have an issue you'd like to report, please contact us

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