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What is the realization rate?

    The realization rate is the percentage of how many successful bookings you've had. Every time you accept a booking and run a trip, it counts positively towards your realization rate. Every time you decline or cancel a booking, the realization rate is negatively affected.

    In order to avoid as many cancellations as possible and to improve your ranking on our website, you should:

    • Make sure your listing and trip details are accurate – pay particular attention to your boat capacity, trip seasonality, and prices.
    • Keep your calendar up-to-date.
    • Communicate with your customers shortly after receiving a booking, and frequently up until the trip date, to make sure you're on the same page. 
    • Reschedule trips that may otherwise be canceled – in the event of bad weather or if something has come up for you or the customer.

    A high realization rate is one of the criteria for our Angler's Choice Award, which will make you stand out to potential customers even more. You can track your realization rate and all other factors on your Angler's Choice Award dashboard, and you'll also receive a regular update through your monthly Performance Report email

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