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How does the Best Price Guarantee apply to my listing?


    FishingBooker's Best Price Guarantee is a promise to customers that the prices shown on our website are the lowest available online.

    We ask that you keep the prices on your FishingBooker listing the same as or lower than the prices on your website or other online services.

    Our team regularly reviews prices across the platform to make sure that they are the same or less than those offered on captains' websites or elsewhere online. 

    If we discover that the prices on your FishingBooker listing are higher than your regular rates:

    • Your listing will drop in search result rankings and your chances of being booked will decrease
    • We will send you a ticket to fix your prices 
    • If you do not adjust your prices, your listing will be put on hold until the mismatch is resolved

    When a customer finds a trip for a lower price than advertised on FishingBooker, we will cover the price difference.

    You can read the relevant part of our Terms of Service (scroll down to the Best Price Guarantee section) for more information.

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