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How do I update multiple calendars at once?

    If you have more than one listing, you can update calendars for all of them at once using our Multicalendar feature. Please note, this feature is only available on desktop, currently.

    To use the Multicalendar feature, follow these steps:

    1. Click Multicalendar under the Calendar tab at the top of your screen. 
      • You'll then see all your listings' calendars.
    2. To update a single date, double-click the box where the listing intersects with the date. This works just like updating your calendar for a single listing.
    3. To update multiple dates and listings, click and drag to select the dates and listings you’d like to block. 

    A red square shows that a date is fully booked, and a yellow square indicates that it’s partially blocked.

    Show me the steps

    If you want to block out multiple days in a row, you'll need to block out full days. Partial days and certain trips cannot be blocked when selecting multiple days.

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