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Introducing Quick Replies: Say More with Less Effort

Learn how to streamline communication and make conversations easier and more efficient with Quick Replies.

    We're thrilled to introduce Quick Replies, a messaging feature designed to save time and simplify your communication process.

    With Quick Replies, you can:

    • Use pre-defined messages to greet customers, set trip expectations, reply to FAQs, and more.
    • Customize replies automatically to mention your customer's details.

    No more typing repetitive responses! 
    To get a quick overview of how Quick Replies work, watch our 3-minute demo:

    Adding Quick Replies

    You can easily access Quick Replies from your Inbox. Initially you will see three pre-defined ones we've added to give you examples of how you can use them. 

    Add your first Quick Reply

    Using Quick Replies

    Once you apply a Quick Reply you'll have an opportunity to edit the message before you actually send it. 

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