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How does FishingBooker communicate with me about my listing?

    FishingBooker lets you know about important updates and questions about your listing by sharing notifications through your Dashboard. Here, you'll find FishingBooker's latest updates and information relevant to your listing.

    If we require you to take any specific action related to your account or listing, your dashboard will also show a ticket. Examples of times we may share a ticket with you include:

    • When we need to talk with you about how your business is advertised with us
    • When there’s an action you need to take for your listing to stay live on the website
    • When your listing is being penalized in FishingBooker’s search results

    Whenever you receive a ticket, you get a notification on your dashboard and an email. Each of these will include a link to where you can see more details and take action as appropriate. 

    If you ever need to contact us about your listing, please feel free to contact us. 

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