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What does it mean to enforce or waive my cancellation policy?

    When a customer cancels a confirmed trip and breaches your cancellation policy, you have the option to waive it or enforce it.

    Waiving your cancellation policy

    If a customer cancels their trip due to an emergency, or you wish to refund them regardless of the reason, you can waive your cancellation policy.

    If you decide to do so, contact us, and we will issue a full refund of their deposit.

    Enforcing your cancellation policy

    If a customer who is canceling while in breach of your cancellation policy requests a refund, we will contact you to check how you want to proceed before processing their request.

    If you decide to enforce your cancellation policy, the customer will forfeit their deposit, and we will send the funds your way.

    Please note: If a customer cancels with a claim of Extenuating Circumstances and FishingBooker can verify that they do qualify under the Extenuating Circumstances Policy, FishingBooker will issue a refund to the customer, and the cancellation will not be considered a breach of the captain's cancellation policy. 

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