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How do I check the status of my Payout?

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    You can check the status of your pending payouts and find information on paid invoices in your Payouts dashboard.

    Pending Payouts

    While FishingBooker is processing your payout, it will appear in the Pending section of your Payouts dashboard. There are three different statuses for pending payouts:

    1. Waiting for Approval

    When FishingBooker creates an invoice, you need to review and approve it before we send the funds. 

    2. Approved

    Your payout will display the Approved status as soon as you approve the invoice. It will stay in this status until FishingBooker processes the funds. 

    3. Payment Processing

    This status means that FishingBooker sent the funds your way. How long your payout will stay in this status depends on your payout method.

    Once you receive the funds, the payout will no longer appear under Pending Payouts. Instead, it will appear in the Paid section in your Payouts dashboard


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