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Can I choose my payout currency?

    FishingBooker currently processes payments only in US dollars. If you own an account with a different currency, funds may be converted to your local currency, depending on the payout method you chose. However, you will not be able to choose your payout currency. 

    You will have the following currency options depending on your payout method:


    If your PayPal account is not in US dollars, the payout will show as Unclaimed on your account.

    You will have the option to accept it or decline it. Once you accept the funds you can choose to:

    • Convert the payment to your primary currency.
    • Accept the payment and open a new balance in that currency (US Dollars)
    • Refuse the payment and return it to the sender (FishingBooker).

    If you decide to convert the payment to your primary currency, a small conversion fee may apply. 

    ACH and Checks

    As payouts via ACH and checks are currently available only for US-based captains, the funds must be paid in US dollars and are, therefore, not subject to any conversion rates.

    Wire Transfer

    If your bank account doesn't hold US dollars and you choose Wire Transfer as your default payout method, your bank may apply a currency conversion rate or additional fees. If you are unsure about exchange rates, currency conversion rates, or additional fees, contact your bank.

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