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How do I access and edit my availability settings?

    The Availability section of your listing allows you to manage your Instant Book settings, set your advance notice and booking window however it suits you best, and choose your starting day of the week on FishingBooker's calendar.

    You can access your Availability settings by scrolling down the left-hand side when managing your listing. 

    Advance Notice

    Advance notice allows you to choose the minimum notice period you need in order to receive a booking. You can set it from the drop-down menu.

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    Instant Book is Disabled

    If your Instant Book is disabled, you can choose a notice period between 0 and 7 days in advance. Customers will only be able to send booking requests before the advance notice period you select.

    Instant Book is Enabled
    If Instant Book is enabled on your listing, you can choose a notice period between 0 and 7 days in advance. You are also able to choose whether you want to allow customers to place booking requests within the advance notice period. 

    To allow customers to place requests within the advance notice period, tick the box.

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    Booking Window

    This feature allows you to choose how far in advance your trips can be booked. This can come in handy if you are planning on changing the prices for the next season and want to avoid being booked too far into the future.

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    Start Week on

    This section allows you to choose the starting day of your week (either Saturday, Sunday or Monday). Depending on your habits and personal preference, you can select the starting day of the week on your FishingBooker calendar.

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