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What is the commission?

    The commission is a percentage of your trip price that you invest for each successful trip. It's the fee that you pay to FishingBooker for every successful trip that comes through our site, and you can adjust it at any time.

    The commission is the same as the deposit you set when listing the boat. 

    We either collect the deposit from the customer when they book a trip, or collect the whole trip price if you have Online Payments turned on. You'll then either collect the remaining balance from the customer on or before your trip date, or we'll transfer the remaining balance to you after the trip is completed. 

    FishingBooker keeps only the deposit (the commission) after a successful trip.

    If the customer cancels the trip violating your cancellation policy, we will transfer the deposit to you. If the customer doesn’t violate your policy or in case of bad weather, we will refund the money to the customer.

    If you are unable to run the trip, we will return the deposit to the customer.

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