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What happens once my listing becomes visible on FishingBooker?

    Once you publish your listing and it becomes visible on FishingBooker, it will be available for customers to book. In order to make it more likely to be seen by customers, our team will soon start working on it, too. Here’s what you can expect.

    We’ll optimize your listing

    Part of our commitment to bringing you customers is the work we do on your listing. Our team will write a unique description for it, making your services stand out and helping you rank well in search engines. 

    We'll use the details on your listing to write a description and edit your photo gallery and profile.

    When writing up your offer, we'll pay particular attention to:

    • Your experience
    • Your boat and gear
    • The fish you catch and techniques you use

    Once this process is finished, your listing will be locked for editing, and we’ll send you a link to review it. Make sure to check everything carefully, and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to change. 

    Tip: If there’s anything specific you’d like us to include, make sure to add it to your description now so we know to mention it!

    You’ll become more (or less) visible according to how you use the website

    Once you’ve created your listing, it’s time to start attracting people to it. We'll help you out with marketing, but you can boost it yourself, too.

    Your visibility will increase if:

    • You accept trips, as this will boost your ranking in search results 
      • Your commission and review score from FishingBooker customers also affect how well you rank
    • You turn on Instant Book, which helps you rank higher and makes your listing more attractive to customers
    • You add fishing reports regularly, as this will help your listing show up in more places
    • You invite your previous customers to review you, as this will show your potential customers that other people rate your service

    It will decrease if:

    Update your listing as your business evolves

    Keep your photo gallery and trips up to date to make sure customers are aware of your current offer. When they see a different boat or gear than what they were expecting, they’re more likely to leave a bad review.

    Learn how to update your packages here.

    Learn how to upload new photos and videos here.

    Get the latest information about building your business

    We regularly share tips for growing your business, as well as news of our latest updates, in our Captain’s Corner, and through our monthly newsletter. 

    Make your online presence stand out above the rest by checking out:

    We’re excited to start working with you!

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