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How do I respond to a booking request?

    After a customer sends you a booking request, you'll have 24 hours to respond. If the request is for a trip that's less than 24 hours away, the request will remain active until the trip's start time.

    If you don't respond, the request will automatically be declined after 24 hours expires, or once the trip is scheduled to start.

    If you want to accept the booking request:

    1. Go to your Bookings.
    2. Find the pending booking request.
    3. Click Accept.

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    If you want to decline the booking request:

    1. Find the pending booking request.
    2. Click Decline.
    3. Select a reason.
      • You will be given the opportunity to suggest one or more alternative dates to the customer.
    4. If you still want to cancel, tick the box confirming that you'd like to decline and click Decline booking.
      • Please provide as much information as possible to let the customer know why you need to decline.
    5. Click Decline

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    If you want to suggest alternative dates:

    1. Find the pending booking request.
    2. Click Decline.
    3. Select a reason.
    4. Click on Message Customer to open an Instant Messaging conversation where you can offer the customer alternative dates.
    5. Once you have agreed on a date and time with the customer, ask your customer to request a change to the booking.
    6. Confirm the change request.

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    In the event that you're unable to agree with the customer on a new date within 24 hours, but you still want to take them fishing, you should decline the booking request and create a special offer. This will allow you to send your customer a tailored trip offer that you know you can accept. You can do this by clicking Create new offer after declining the request.

    If you're having issues with responding to a booking request, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help. 

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