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How does ranking work?

    Ranking refers to the position of listings on FishingBooker's charter results page for a particular area. After a customer chooses their location, date(s), and group size, FishingBooker ranks the most suitable charters based on a number of factors, which you can influence:

    • Reliability Score – whenever you cancel or decline a trip for something that could have been avoided – such as a double booking – your reliability score decreases and negatively impacts your ranking.
    • Instant Book – enabling Instant Book boosts your ranking and makes your listing stand out to customers.
    • Review ScoreInvite your customers to leave a review that helps boost your ranking. The more recent your reviews are, the better they influence your rank in the search results.
    • Commission – the commission you invest influences your ranking and increasing it will help you rank better.
    • Price Adjustment – if the prices on your listing don't match our Best Price Guarantee, your ranking will be negatively influenced.
    • Full Verification – by providing all your documents and keeping them up-to-date, not only will you receive a "fully verified" badge on your listing, but you'll also receive a ranking boost.
    • FishingBooker for Captains App – not only does downloading our application provide you with a way to manage your profile and bookings at your fingertips, but it also helps with your ranking.


    Your ranking can be negatively affected if you have any open tickets.


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