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How does Instant Messaging work?

    Instant Messaging allows customers to contact you through FishingBooker:

    • When they have a confirmed booking
    • Before they book a trip with you
    • After you've completed a trip

    After a booking is confirmed

    Once a booking request has been confirmed, it is essential to stay in touch with your customers and exchange details about the upcoming trip. Instant Messaging allows you to do precisely that –  direct communication with your customers, through your desktop or Captain App. 

    You'll also find the customer's email address and phone number in your direct message.


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    Before a customer books a trip

    Even before clients decide to book a trip with you, they can reach out to you via Instant Messaging with whatever query they have. 

    You'll receive a message in your FishingBooker Inbox, and you can answer all of their questions, help out with any concerns, and even recommend a more suitable trip before they commit to booking with you.


    Please note that captains are not allowed to exchange personal contact details with the customer prior to confirming the trip.



    In the Instant Messaging feature, you'll also find the option to create and send Quick Replies. This enables you to draft templates for frequently asked questions. Simply input the saved message and save yourself the trouble of answering the same thing over and over again. Find out more here.

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