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What happens if the charter my guest reserved is now unavailable but I am able to arrange a different boat for them?

    If the alternative boat is listed on FishingBooker

    If the alternative boat is listed on FishingBooker, we will cancel the original booking and make a new reservation for the one that is available.

    In case you make an arrangement with the customer and another charter operator who is also listed on FishingBooker, contact us to make the necessary adjustments.

    The alternative boat isn't listed on FishingBooker

    If you know a charter that is available to take the trip but isn't listed on FishingBooker, we can keep the reservation only if we receive written confirmation from the customer that they agree to the change. 

    Contact us with details of the alternative charter (boat size, amenities, price, package, etc.). We will check with the customer if they agree to the change.

    If we don't receive a written agreement from the customer, the reservation will be canceled.

    Please note that if the customer keeps the reservation, their review will be posted on your listing (the one they originally booked).

    Why do I need to inform FishingBooker?

    We are here to protect both your and the customer's interests. In order to avoid misunderstandings and possible complaints, please inform us of any changes to FishingBooker reservations.

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